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What is Bidah (Innovation) in Islam:

Bidah 25 Articles. Introductory Materials 4 General reading for an overview of the meaning and definition of innovation and its ruling in light of the Book and the Sunnah. Concerning the Mawlid Prophet's Birthday Celebration 4 A look at this innovated practice in light of the Book, the Sunnah and the statements of the Ulamaa of the Salaf.

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The Masjid contains a basement and sometimes two large ones, lecture halls and the courtyard, so whatever you say using the microphone will be heard all over the Masjid. How about heating and providing hot and cold water to people who come to the Masjid? Were there any of these things at the time of the Prophet, peace be upon him?

No, they weren't. There are millions of things which have improved the situation of our Masajid.

Bid`ah (Innovation): Definition and Classification

People in the past used to ride animals horse or mule , but nowadays they drive cars. This has no relation to religion, but rather it is related to worldly issues. We have improved our lives within the Method of our religion. There is a nice comment; Sunnah Hasanah also means something new, so linguistically speaking it is innovation Bid'ah, but it is called Sunnah Hasanah, because it does not have negative effect on religion. For instance, the ground of the Prophet's Masjid used to be covered with sand, its roof was made of the fronds of the palm trees and it had neither sound amplifiers nor a place for performing ablution.

Like sound amplifiers, the telephone was not used in the past again it is Sunnah Hasanah. Hence, the Sunnah Hasanah is related to Dunya. I was told that in Africa there is a very nice tradition. When someone dies, the mourners give some money to his heirs.

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Paying respect there is done by giving money. If the father who is the supporter of the family dies, the family will receive a large sum of money which will help them to satisfy their need. Furthermore, in case the deceased is wealthy, his family does not keep the money they are given for themselves, instead they give it to the poor. Accordingly, paying respects by offering money is really Sunnah Hasanah. Nowadays there are collective wedding; about two hundred grooms get married at one wedding ceremony.

This never happened at the time of our Prophet, peace be upon him, but today there are difficulties in finding houses and paying the high expenses of marriage.

Collective wedding ceremony has saved the youth large amounts of money. Hence, bringing something new to our Dunya, not to Aqeedah and Ibadah, is considered Sunnah Hasanah, and whoever innovates it will have its reward and the reward of those who practise with it until the Day of Resurrection.

This is the reward of whoever introduces a Sunnah Hasanah. It has become a tradition to bring with you something made of glass as a gift when you come to the engagement ceremony. Why do we not change this gift to be more useful one?

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For example we can bring books of Hadith, Fiqh or Tafseer as gifts, and the couple will have a library of Islamic books. This is better than having two hundred different plates put in the cupboard these are the gifts which are brought by those who attend the engagement ceremony , and sometimes they may not be one set..

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What if you have valuable books instead? This will be a Sunnah Hasanah. A man held a wedding ceremony for his son, and he invited to it 1. At the ceremony he said, "The gift you would like to give cost 8.

Bid’ah (Innovation)

This amount will be left with so and so man in order to be used in helping the young men to get married. How wonderful this is! We can gather people at a wedding ceremony and ask them to denote money to build a Shari'ah school. Also, we can celebrate the wedding of someone and give books as gifts to the couple, so that they will an Islamic library at their house. This is very nice, and this is who the Sunnah Hasanah should be.. At a wedding ceremony, I think that it is enough to have 3 bouquets of flowers. Once, I attended a wedding ceremony where the cost of the flowers there was about one million lira.

The Realities of Bid'a (Innovation) in Islam - Sh. Dr. Yasir Qadhi

At another wedding ceremony, the quantity of food was unbelievable! Nevertheless, less than tenth of it was eaten. A brother told me, "I was present at the time of ordering the banquet, and it cost a million lira. However, later on I was surprised when I saw the food was neatly packaged and delivered to an orphanage where the children kept eating it food for about ten days. The amount which was paid for the banquet was as much as the one paid for the ceremony. Notice how Muslims are oblivious to performing many good deeds. One day, I had an idea concerning the Sunnah Hasanah.

I thought of making lists for the blood type of our brother, so that we could call the person whose blood type is needed instead of posting an advertisement on the wall asking people to provide a sick man with a certain blood type. We can have the lists of the brother' names along with their blood type. Actually, you forgot about many ways through which the situation of Muslims can be improved. Muslims should collaborate with one another. In matters of religion bidah is not permissible and it can be dangerous to introduce new things in our religion. Because of the danger there are many quotations and traditions from the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad that point this out.

The best speech is the Book of Allah and the best guidance and example is that of Muhammad, and the worst of all things are the newly invented things in the religion , for every religious innovation is an error and a misguidance. The deen of Islam has no need for bidah. The religion of Islam is complete and there is no need to introduce or invent new matters in the religion. When a person innovates something and adds to the deen something that does not already belong to it, he implies that the religion is lacking and in need of improvement, or the implication is that Allah did not complete and perfect it His religion.

This is clearly not the case as we can see from the above verse. Whilst Allah does not punish a person who falls into error due to ignorance we are obligated to educate ourselves to the best of our ability. The reality is that Allah will not accept an action that does not fulfil two important conditions. The first condition is that the action be done with a sincere intention to please Allah almighty.

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  7. The second is that the action is done according to what is taught in the Quran and the authentic S unnah of Prophet Muhammad. The action must conform to the Sunnah and not be in contradiction to it. With this in mind let us revisit the meaning of bidah. Linguistically, it means creating or inventing something new, something without precedence. Legally, it is to add something new to the deen of Allah. Even if the action is invented as a way of drawing closer to or worshipping Allah it still does not become acceptable.

    It is still a sin. On many occasions you will hear it said that Islam is a religion of informed knowledge. This implies that believers do not take things on face value. A believer takes the time to learn and understand the details of the deen and he learns to question actions or sayings that are not presented with clear evidence. If he takes the time to learn Islam a person is able to recognise what is a Sunnah action and what is bidah. The following are six ways to distinguish between a Sunnah and a bidah:.

    It is not permissible to link an act of worship to a cause or reason that has not been legislated in the Quran or the authentic Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad. An example of this would be waking up to pray at night during the seventh day of the Islamic month of Rajab with the belief that Prophet Muhammad ascended to the heavens on this night.

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    The act of praying in the night is something that is legislated in Islam with sufficient evidence from the Quran and Sunnah , however when it is linked to this reason it becomes a bidah because it is based and constructed upon a reason which is not established from the Shariah.