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Also, since I have never seen it, I thought it would be a clearer image.

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The gentleman in the site below explains some details of the face that I just don't see. I'm trusting that the Vatican has faith in the authenticity of the relic.

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Do you see the face of Jesus? Reply With Quote. Somewhat can make out a face but it is not too clear. And if you be unwilling to serve the LORD, choose this day whom you will serve, Do people just see what they want to see when it comes to Veronica's veil or has the Church actually authenticated the image of a face on the cloth?

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That said, it has more of a sense of 'real' - than other 'copies' which appear much more 'painted' That said, the Church found some attachment to it without as far as I know declaring it real.. Assigned to the Passion, it is directly linked to the passion of Christ and St.

The true face of Christ?

Veronica as a contemporary witness of Christ. But how is it that there is a reproduction of the cloth in Rottenburg?

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Christian sources arrange Veronika usually the radius at Jesus and recognize them as a complaining woman on the road to Calvary. Here, as told the apocryphal Gospel of Nicodemus, did Christ handed a towel so he dry his face with sweat and blood.

Traveling to Manoppello:

When he returned it, had it appeared his face. While still alive, Veronica is said to have acted as a sudarium miracle before it probably around the relics of St.

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Peter was accompanied in Rome. A special worship of sweat cloth can be traced back to the 12th century in Rome. When Joachim and Anna brought the Blessed Virgin, who was then only four years old, up to Jerusalem, to place her among the virgins in the Temple, they lodged in the house of Zacharias, which was situated near the fish-market.

Seraphia was at least five years older than the Blessed Virgin, was present at her marriage with St. Joseph, and was likewise related to the aged Simeon, who prophesied when the Child Jesus was put into his arms. She was brought up with his sons, both of whom, as well as Seraphia, he imbued with his ardent desire of seeing our Lord. When Jesus was twelve years old, and remained teaching in the Temple, Seraphia, who was not then married, sent food for him every day to a little inn, a quarter of a mile from Jerusalem, where he dwelt when he was not in the Temple.

St. Veronica and the Veil

Mary wet there for two days, when on her way from Bethlehem to Jerusalem to offer her Child in the Temple. The two old men who kept this inn were Essenians, and well acquainted with the Holy Family; it contained a kind of foundation for the poor, and Jesus and his disciples often went there for a night's lodging.

The superimposition (overlay)

Seraphia married rather late in life; her husband, Sirach, was descended from the chaste Susannah, and was a member of the Sanhedrin. He was at first greatly opposed to our Lord, and his wife suffered much on account of her attachment to Jesus, and to the holy women, but Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus brought him to a better state of feeling, and he allowed Seraphia to follow our Lord. When Jesus was unjustly accused in the court of Caiphas, the husband of Seraphia joined with Joseph and Nicodemus in attempts to obtain the liberation of our Lord, and all three resigned their seats in the Council.