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Fair enough: it is not impossible for emotions to have influenced the way she described what happened. Contrastingly though, you wonder if even understandable rancour and want for revenge did not make it at all into the testimony of Mexico war veteran, Major William Singer who reported that Mormon authorities seized his property, shot five of his cattle and that he feared for his family Beside fear, nothing in the book says whether there was any emotion that could cast any doubt whatsoever on his testimony, or that of any other non—Mormon for that matter.

Some readers may also find quarrel with Bigler and Bagley on their subtitle and the assertion that America did not have one but two civil wars. Both sides usually agree on what happened; but the answers often differ when it comes to who did what and in what capacity Consequently, the presence of a question mark after the subtitle would have been more than welcome; it would have made it less assertive and less provoking.

It tells of an attempt to replace the Mormon Rebellion where it rightly belongs, that is, in the American tradition of political engagement for autonomy, even for separatism if need be. Thus, without excusing none Mormon non—democratic, non—republican attitudes during the time the authors have focused on, it is important to see Brigham Young not only as religious leader but also heir of an American tradition.

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Mountain Meadows. Epilogue Selected Bibliography. Kenneth S. Casey Paul Griffiths. Palm Springs Holiday. Peter Moruzzi. History of Utah, Hubert Howe Bancroft. Larry E. The Lights and Shadows of Mormonism.

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The Mormon Rebellion: America's First Civil War, 1857-1858

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The Mormon Rebellion: America’s First Civil War, – by David L. Bigler

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