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It is fantasy and was published by Tor. This review contains spoilers.

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The Regent has grand dinners where he features the pastries and their magical effects of memory and emotion. He seems to be in a good mood tonight, and the guests relax somewhat, expecting the dinner will go well.

The first course is the Rosemary Crostini of Delightfully Misspent Youth, and Saffron experiences the scene where she met and flirted with Danny for the first time. Is there any way Danny can poison the man and not kill her?

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This is written in an artistic, low-key style, where even the descriptions of torture are understated. Saffron experiences bittersweet memories of better days, and of emotional pain, all the while smiling for the Regent and his guests as if nothing touches her. Danny, the unseen consummate artist, orchestrates the leisurely flow of the banquet, bringing it to a well-deserved close.

The characters are well-developed, and there are loving descriptions of everything, especially the pastries.

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RSS - Posts. A responsible King must keep careful watch on all of the guests lest he go the way of Robert Baratheon, while other players use actions to switch seats and ask favors of wealthier patrons at the table.

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The Last Banquet comes with six scenarios, including the aforementioned assassinations and gathering keys to rescue a captured princess. Not all scenarios call for the massive, player game, but if you're able to get that many people into one room it could be a very unique way to spend the evening. That said, whether the game is "pick-up-and-play" remains to be seen.

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