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Before its retirement from service in , the B again saw heroic military action in the Korean War as it confronted new adversaries: jet fighter planes and electronic weapons! Its dual capabilities as technology driver and workhorse enabled this strategic bomber to serve in two wars. According to Walter J.

The value of any one of the aforementioned spin-off benefits is enormous.

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Examples are aviation, broadcasting and telecommunications industries — all of which the B either participated in or served as an important capital asset in helping to develop and advance these industries. According to Aviation Benefits Beyond Borders aviationbenefits. By any objective measure these are staggering economic values! As already noted, these economic outcomes owe a great deal to the development, deployment and participation of the B The Boeing Company can trace its longstanding reputation for being able to tackle very large scale projects while being profitable to the B Superfortress.

According to the Pacific War Online Encyclopedia pwencyl.

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On a per aircraft basis, the B was 5-times more expensive in terms of unit production cost than the renowned British Avro Lancaster bomber which was used for the Dam Buster raid in the European Theater during World War II. The B was developed with the express purpose of being able to deliver its nuclear ordnance from high altitude with intercontinental range in the vast Pacific Theater.

No other aircraft was deemed suitable for such a Herculean task. The elevated cost of this pioneering aircraft could not only be attributed to having to develop new technology to fulfill its mission, but also the materials used in its construction and assembly. Each B used 13 tons of aluminum, one-half ton of copper, , rivets, 9. The B was a very sophisticated aircraft versus other World War II bomber aircraft and was literally a generation ahead of its Boeing predecessor, the B Flying Fortress.

Here is a breakdown and explanation on how Boeing achieved profitability with the B By Marcelle Size Knaack. Washington, DC.

The B-29 Superfortress Chronology, 1934-1960

Office of Air Force History. The math works out as follows:. This profitability was achieved through execution, efficiency and economy of scale. Source: A Torch to the Enemy; pages By Martin Caidin. According to Boeing public documents Boeing. Assuming four complete calendar years with as a leap year this implies a production time line of 1, days. With 3, aircraft produced in that timeframe this implies a daily production rate of 2.

This daily run rate for a new generation capital asset is extraordinary in any era. High unit output for this type of capital project provides a higher absorption rate of overhead because there are more units in which to allocate or spread out production costs. This lowers unit cost thereby increasing profitability in both value and percentage terms.

Boeing replicated this performance in successive generations for both military and commercial aircraft thereby affirming its brand as a company capable of betting it all while still achieving profitability! Haloulakos, CFA. The stage featuring the delivery system or channel of distribution by which a product reaches its target market is of enormous value. In some instances it may be greater than the cost of the product itself. The reason is because no matter how remarkable a product, it is of little if not zero value when it fails to reach its target end-user market.

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  • Availability Usually despatched within 2 weeks. With Free Saver Delivery. Chronology of what? A chronology of just about anything and everything Mann could locate regarding B bombers during the period through Now and then, while doing research on the B, I became faced with the question of precisely where did this item fit in the B time context.

    The concept of doing a timeline of the B slowly crept into my mind, and I decided to do something about it. The first question to be determined was just what was going to be time-lined? And so the timeline began. I culled histories, mission data, mission rosters, personal combat records, anything that related the B to a date. And for the period through , there was plenty of it. Of course, in some cases what was not said inflamed the imagination. A wonderful example is the brevity of the reason given for the airborne abort of a th Bomb Group airplane: "Cabin caught on fire. Mann seldom offers much in the way of context or explanation, but he provides an incredibly detailed listing of day-by-day events of all kinds, most notably movement and missions by individual aircraft, and in particular aircraft lost.

    Last flight by last active duty B Plane was a TB engaged in radar evaluation work. Bombed tertiary target: Namao, Formosa. Bombed last resort target: Hengyang Airfield. Tail code Four Blue Stripes.

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    Tail code Four Red Stripes R. Blue Bonnet Belle. On the other hand, some entries are a little broader. Target: Kanoya Airfield, Kyushu Target Time over target: to Altitude of attack: 14, to 20, Direct hits on storage tanks. AA heavy, meager and inaccurate. Five Bs damaged.

    Two Bs landed at Iwo Jima. Average bomb load: 12, Ibs.