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Every decision can make a difference but what if your choices could change the world? Eden and Micah are just your average teenagers until one hug changes everything. Her touch has awakened their destiny and nothing will ever be the same again. Now their actions will impact everyone. Follow their journey as they gather not only the others that will battle with them but their search for the inner strength to do what must be done and hopefully save the ones they love along the way. Also in Series: The Watchers of Men.

Also by This Author. Also by This Publisher. Readers of This Book Also Read. CrazyBookworm99 reviewed on on March 23, This book alternates in following Eden and Micah. Eden as she unknowingly awakens the spiritual gifts in the people around her. Micah as he ventures to Rome in what becomes a time where he learns his role as the seer in a war between demons and angels.

I really enjoyed the historic and religious aspects which I was not expecting. Amanda has written a captivating storyline that really makes you think about their relationships with the angels and their own guardians. What Trent thought about, you knew. Whether it be his definition of a hot guardian angel or just what he thinks of his cousin's visions.

I liked Trent the most because he was as close as we got to a teenage boy. His focus was on all of the things he liked, and he couldn't care about anything else. Which, when you got past the fact that he was one horny little bugger though this book only mentions kissing and not what he would get into given the right amount of time , he was actually very intelligent as far as history and languages.

The Awakener

And none could ever doubt the loyalty this boy has to his cousin. Micah's determination was the most defining factor of his characterization. And it was admirable. As soon as he discovers his role, his mind is locked in on his mission. He knows what he has to do, and what he has to give up in order to do it. The fact that he is so willing to give up his own desires in order to get the job done is what makes him a believable and respectable character.

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Though his pining over Eden did grate the nerves quite a bit… Damon is also an incredibly loyal person and I enjoyed when his character was brought to the fore. Like a cross between Micah and Trent, he has this fierceness in him that is very endearing. Much like Micah, he's determined to see through his part of the mission, and protect everyone as well as he possibly can. I actually really liked Damon, but he didn't get enough page time to get to know him, which was a crying shame.

Willow was an interesting character in the fact that she started off as this bitchy, petty, stereotypical Mean Girl … and performed a complete one-eighty. When she was Awakened, Willow became the greatest female character in the book. She was confident, intelligent, empathic, instinctive, kind, and generous. Which was refreshing as far as this book was concerned. And it's really her bold, energetic personality that gives the group some life.

Now we're going to get to know some less fleshed-out characters as we get into the mere mediocre cast… Caitlyn was quiet, but powerful. Her gift is the most unassuming, just like she is. Quiet, but with a voice that speaks of wisdom and sincerity. Too bad she got only a few pages to nail down her personality, but she would be worth getting to know. In my opinion, Andrew existed merely for the drama he could cause. The romantic element was his main purpose, hands down.

That he was there as a buffer between Eden and Micah is what created the central conflict. Note: I labeled this as a Paranormal Romance for a reason. The romance was the conflict. Which, of course, in fulfilling his role, Andrew had to be perfect.

And that's all we got. Was this hot, nice guy who has a penchant for healing people who happens to love Eden. That's it. Nothing else. He pretty much was just a stand-in to make kissy faces and awkward times with Eden. And now we unveil my hit list or cut list, because it would have helped the book in the end just as much as if I murdered these characters. Warning: Rant Mode Engaged.

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Jessie was irritating as all hell. This is a girl who's never even heard of the Bechdel test, let alone could pass it. Her only thoughts all pertained to the male anatomy. And heaven forbid she talk about something other than a boy. And while she served as a decent female friend who was supportive, she failed in doing anything worthwhile.

At all.

Honestly, her character could have been cut from the start and no one would have noticed or cared. Then there's Eden. Yes, if I could, I would cut Eden out of the entire story. Because she contributes nothing at all. I mean that. As the Awakener, all she does is hug people. The rest of the time she serves as nothing more than a romantic stand-in. It's like it was required for Micah to be in love with someone, and Eden got the role.

All she does is serve as a Damsel In Distress the entire book. She can't save herself and she makes stupid decisions that threaten her safety and the safety of others. Not to mention she is a shallow, judgmental bitch.

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This is a literal quote from the book. I … I don't even know how to handle that amount of utter stupidity. Does she even know what drugs do to a human body? Or the type of effects a being would suffer due to certain types of drugs.

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Clearly not. Oh, and bags under the eyes?