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Robert E. Lee: Selected full-text books and articles

General Hancock, for instance, spends much of the novel dreading the day he will have to fire on his friend in the Confederate Army , Lewis "Lo" Armistead. The novel also deals with General Lee's disillusionment with the Confederate bureaucracy and General Jackson's religious fervor.

In addition to covering events leading up to the war, the book includes the battles of First Bull Run , covered only from the perspective of Robert E. The film version provides only cursory coverage of immediate pre-war events, focusing primarily on Jackson and the secession of Virginia , and omits Antietam included in the Director's Cut along with Williamsburg and Second Bull Run.

American History: The Civil War and Reconstruction: Books and Databases about the Civil War

It spends a considerable amount of time on First Bull Run, which played only a minor role in the book. In , it received the W. Gods and Generals is also the title of the second album recorded by Swedish power metal band Civil War. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Robert E. Lee

For other uses, see Gods and Generals disambiguation. Novels by Jeff Shaara. McKeldin Library has an extensive collection of secondary literature on the war, as well as many personal memoirs and narratives that provide wonderful first-hand accounts of events. Image: Seige of Vicksburg. There are several places you can go to start your research on the Civil War:. December: South Carolina Legislature votes to secede from the Union. February: At a convention in Montgomery, Alabama, the seven seceding states create the Confederate Constitution.

Jefferson Davis is named provisional president of the Confederacy until elections can be held.

Texas secedes from the Union. Virginia secedes from the Union. Colonel Robert E.

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Lee resigns his commission in the United States Army. May: Richmond becomes the capital of the Confederacy. Arkansas and North Carolina secede from the Union. June : Tennessee secedes from the Union. April: Union General Ulysses S.

Grant prevails at the Battle of Shiloh in Tennessee, but not without enormous losses. Over two days 13, out of 63, Union soldiers died, and 11, of 40, Confederate troops were killed. Conscription is adopted in the Confederacy. Lee takes over command of the Confederate army from the wounded Joseph E.

September: The Battle of Antietam, Maryland, exacts heavy losses on both sides. This battle proved to be the bloodiest day of the war; 2, Union soldiers were killed and 9, wounded -- 2, Confederates were killed and 9, wounded. The Lee Family Digital Archive is the largest online source for primary source materials concerning the Lee family of Virginia.

Best Books About Robert E. Lee

It contains published and unpublished items, some well known to historians, others that are rare or have never before been put online. We are always looking for new letters, diaries, and books to add to our website. Do you have a rare item that you would like to donate or share with us? Contact Us: editor stratfordhall.

Writings about the Lee Family. Jones, Jr.

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Vol. 9, No. 3

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