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Better Date than Never Boxed Set: Vol. #1, Books 1-3
Follow-Up Date! Will Aaron & Kian Continue Dating? - Tell My Story, Blind Date

Each more hilarious than the last, but what they have in common is the Geoffries Hotel and Paul, who is bartending there the night of her first date. Paul is charming, gorgeous, and well, just dreamy and irresistible. I love how their romance plays out, so sweet, and clearly meant to be. Jan 13, Evonne Hutton rated it it was amazing. Love with flair! Wrap yourself up in romance with this outstandingly sweet and romantic set of reads!

From corny to despite the odds and everything in between.

Just be prepared to be totally hooked! Jan 31, Amaryllis rated it really liked it.

A really fast and fun read. Aug 20, Gale rated it really liked it. Since this is a boxed set, it is easy to say that you should read all the stories, although you could read each one as a standalone.

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It is all about a group of friends, the stories are all together, so why not! Just what these women needed. The women, when they get together, are just crazy chicks! Makes me want to get my friends together so that we can be a group of nutty friends, too. Rachel hangs in there with the dates she has set up for her and I give her lots of credit for that.

Kristen has much to relearn about trust, but she has to start with herself.

My Last Blind Date (Better Date than Never, book 3) by Susan Hatler

I honestly had a bit of a hard time figuring out Melanie and her dating rules but it was a good story, sweet and funny. And Kaitlin — man, I will never look at a tall building the same way again in my life! I did enjoy this boxed set and recommend for a read to keep you amused and engaged. All these are cute short stories filled with sweet romance.

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It is delightful to see characters frequently appearing in each of the stories making this a very cohesive and engaging collection as we watch the progress of previous relationships. Love at First Date — Ellen decides she wants to know everything about the next person she dates, so she signs up for Detailed Dating, an online service, only to find love does not always follow the rules.

This is a good start to the series, as we meet Ellen who had some bad luck with dating, she wants to meet the right person but he must fit her model and be ready to settle down. Henry is perfect for her but she continues to look for someone special not realizing he is right in front of her. Truth of Date — Gina is finally ready to move on; she wasted enough time on George who has never wanted a commitment. Her friend Kristen and new roommate tries to set her up, but maybe her perfect man is right before her, a co-worker named Chris. This is a cute story and I like Chris, he dates many women only because he is looking for the right one, whom he suspects is Gina.

When Gina is finally free he puts all his energy into pursuing her but she only looks at his history which seems jaded. They go through several miss-steps before they finally get together. When the new VP at the office finds out about her dating experiences, he finds a way to be her last blind date. So romantic. Her confidence is gone so when others ask her questions, she gives negative advice, causing havoc for friends and family. When she reconnects with her friend Ethan, she does not trust her feelings. This is the only one I had problems with connecting to the heroine, Kristen is difficult to like and I wanted to throttle her a couple of times, but I really like Ethan and was cheering them on through the miscommunications and distrust.

A Twist of a Date — Melanie is a fitness instructor at the local gym, she believes she has found the right man for the rest of her life and dismisses her flirty co-worker Matt. But when she talks about her feelings to Brad, he is out the door so fast and she is devastated. License to Date — After having broken off her wedding because of a cheating ex, she has sworn off dating. Her friends are not buying it and bribe her with home improvement help if she will go on five dates.

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She reluctantly agrees only to find the man she is attracted to is the sexy bartender who works at the place she frequents with her dates. This is my favorite in the series, the heroine is smart and funny and the hero is thoughtful, sexy and enigmatic.

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There is a bit of drama when she finds out who he really is but they get through it quickly and the ending works well. Each romance is sweet with a few complications that are solved quickly, be aware that the sex is nonexistent as most stories end with the promise of more. The stories are short and well written with fun and engaging characters that reappear throughout the series, it is fun to see them again and see how their romance is advancing.

All in all this is a recommended series for those that enjoy cute romances without the heat. Copy from publisher for an honest review Dec 21, Lady rated it it was amazing. Ellen barely knew her farther. She lived through her mother's two disastrous marriages. She refuses to make the same mistakes. So online dating is her thing It has to work Doesn't it? She will be happy as long as she plays it safe!

Will one of her "smart" choices make her happy? Or is she going about this in the wrong way? There is no way she us going to waste any more time on any other commitmentphobe EVER! She has always noticed Chris Too bad he's a playboy. She needs a date to Ellen's wedding so she allows the other bridesmaid Kristen to set her up. Will Ethan be the right guy for her? Is she attracted to Chris like Rachael thinks?

Would giving him a shot be the worst thing ever? Rachel has truly been unlucky in love. She spent over two whole years with a guy, fighting to make it work, while he was giving it to her hairdresser on the side. Then every blind date she has been on turned into a disaster by at least the second date. The smart thing to do would be to resign herself to life with her dog Chester But when her office crush tells her to go on the blind date she decides to give it one last shot. Will her date be the man of her dreams or her worst nightmare? Why does she not have the guts to just try for Noah?

What does she have to lose? Now And Forever? Kristen was a family and marriage therapist until she found out her "perfect" boyfriend was married and she was his mistress. Now she is on sabbatical as she can't trust herself with her own life decisions much less her patients'! Her relationship with Ethan is perfect and friends only Or is it?

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Can she trust him? Is he really interested in her? Is she ready to live and live again? Or will she really have to find a new career? Every guy has to be " the One". Aaaand they ALL run away.