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In the meantime, my adoptive mother was very angry. All I wanted was to find my roots. Time passed. I established a family. There was nothing more for me to do about the puzzle of where I came from. I gave up. One day, a few months ago, my grandson called me, all excited. A short while later, the company contacted me.

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They explained the process and I decided to take the tests. I underwent the tests a number of times, so that the results would be as accurate and thorough as possible.

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I went back home and continued with my regular schedule, without getting my hopes up too much. But a month or two later, I received a call from the company. After 67 years, the circle was closed. I met a large, warm family, and was privileged to connect with wonderful sisters, nephews, nieces, and cousins. Varda will never see her biological parents. She knew your mother.

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It would be interesting to ask her. Your mother and I would walk through the streets together looking for her in every possible place. We looked for familiar features on every woman who passed by.

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Your mother never forgot the daughter who was stolen from her! Today, Varda tries to focus on the good. My sister Ofra and I even have the same finger structure. Our personalities are also very similar…. I lost a lifetime with an incredible sister, with my nieces and nephews. And my mother and father never got to meet her and see her as an adult. After the moving story of the two sisters became well known, many people called the reunited family and told them about other children who disappeared under mysterious circumstances.

Israeli society began to realize the scope of the phenomenon and the tremendous crime perpetrated against Yemenite Jewry.

Lost and Found

People came, and using various excuses, just took the children out of her arms. We never heard from them again. The company built a technological platform for building family trees and cross-checking genealogical information from all over the world. The platform currently has over 90 million users, who built more than 40 million family trees. In addition, the company has over 9 billion historical records from digitized archives that were entered into the database.

Everyone knows that the yaldei Teiman affair is an open wound in Israeli society. There are many calls going out encouraging the establishment of nationwide and even worldwide genetic databases to provide solutions to various issues. But there are opponents who warn of the catastrophic results this could have on individuals. The benefits of such databases are substantial.

Every criminal would automatically be identified by a simple cross check, would be caught, and punished. In addition, such databases are vital for medical research; scientists use them all the time to help them discover new methods to diagnose diseases and develop new treatments. Even the ordinary citizen can benefit from a wide range of reliable information about his family and roots.

He can discover lost relatives, learn about his genealogy, and connect to his roots.

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First, try to imagine the breach of privacy likely to result from information being leaked. Suddenly, some outsider will know more about you than you know about yourself. Perhaps an insurance company will refuse to insure you because your DNA samples tell of a possible disease, because somehow the information made its way to them.

In addition, critical mistakes are liable to happen. Think about the innocent bystander who accidentally ends up at the scene of a crime. What will happen to him when his DNA is found there, connecting him to the crime through no fault of his own? How to get your family on board without nagging once. She was fascinated by bees and dreamed of owning her own hive. Could that dream possibly come true in middle of the city? Four experts share their perspective on common parenting scenarios, and let us know when we have to act and when the best action is inaction. Skip to content Menu.

A stolen baby. A genetic test. Who by Fire? Joint Venture. The Apartment Above the Shtibel. There was only one audience member: me. One of the great gifts of my life in the past decade has not only been finding my father, but becoming one. My daughter was born 5 years ago — a willful little girl throbbing with her own cosmic signature. Every day, between giggles, diaper changes, tantrums and bedtime, she teaches me lessons in love, patience and understanding. For me this process of Becoming Daddy started as soon as I learned my wife was pregnant.

We were making room for an arrival — room in our home, in our thoughts, in our hearts. My dad missed out on becoming a father. He met my mother in They carried on a relationship for two months, maybe longer. Then, she stopped coming by his place.

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In , when I was 6, my mother arrived unannounced at his home — with me in tow. She was married by then but apparently felt it was important for us to meet. That was the last time I saw my dad. When we reconnected 25 years later, Edward took those first awkward lurches toward a bond with me, those wobbly steps at becoming a father.

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I hope he accomplishes a whole lot. If I had liked to read, I could have amounted to something. I had a wonderful time with you. Love, Sherrie.

Merry Christmas. I understand why. See, my family loved me so much that I never felt the void of my father so much as the holes in my own story. That acceptance frees me from expectations. Over the years, my aunt Linda has scolded her brother Edward for not picking up the phone to call me more often, for not remembering my birthday or sending cards and letters. Not even a car accident that left him with a slight limp slowed his swagger — he found a walking cane to match his Stacy Adams ensemble and kept it moving. For years, my mother never asked about my motive for finding Edward or even acknowledged that he was part of my life.

But in the fall of October , when she learned I planned to visit Edward to see how well he was recovering from a stroke, she handed me a get-well card to give to him. I discovered afterward she included a note inside with her cell phone number and they later spoke. In finding and befriending my father, I remain thankful to my mother for raising me to be the kind of man bold enough to break cycles — the cycles of blame and shame, the heritage of not knowing our parents, our history, ourselves.

January the 13th comes and goes, and each time it does I reflect on this lasting lesson.