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What he needed was a ladder. A ladder.

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Charles Hinds, Shares of the restaurant chain specializing in With disappointing second quarter same-store sales mostly blamed on marketing too many premium items, Loco has returned to more of a value focus but still On Thursday evening, the El Pollo Loco's sales grow, but weak outlook ruffles feathers.

Here are the Senor Loco - Elena, Danny Mazo. Senor Loco. Elena Danny Mazo.

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Shares of El Pollo Loco are surging after the fast food chain reported strong sales for its fourth quarter. Loco [online]. Polish words that begin with l. Polish words that begin with lo. Call me crazy.

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Gordo shook his head. The guy was so cornered and stir-crazy, he wanted to morph. Fish one of those little bastards out of the tank for me. Becka pulled two chairs over the flimsy card-table that Waverly used as a desk. Improbably yet deftly, she extracted a loaf of bread from a meager pencil-holder. The bread puffed up as she pulled it upwards, like toothpaste oozing from a tube.

The baguette spontaneously opened up with a laser-sliced precision. It rapidly bedecked itself with thin, slot-like wafers of colorful ham and brie. Becka blinked her sharply focused eyes, and the spatial substance of the sandwich rotated upon itself, like the slats of a Venetian blind.

Outside their walls, the machine was still busily clanking around. This food started as a baguette sandwich in Fort Meade, over where we used to work. I edited the baguette loco myself. Gordo scarfed up the little treats as fast as his cold-stiffened fingers could pluck them from the table. Each of these tasty morsels is a zettaflop of cloud crunch. The cloud-load for this snack creates info lag all up and down the Eastern Seaboard.

Gordo looked up hopefully, licking translocated mayonnaise from his fingers.

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Waverly said about that idea. We were supposed to feed Special Forces paratroops with this. And then there was our death-ray app. We were supposed to translocate raw energy from the core of the sun. And blast it out in a beam. But we kept having problems getting the coordinates right. Very unstable. We tested the process on dogs, taking them outside to bark at the sun.

And of course that body-morphing issue was a big problem with the dogs. Quite a few caught fire.

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Waverly found a superior West Virginia leech that was free of the morph effect! She closed her eyes and rested her hands on her temples. Presently she lifted her head and bleakly stared at him. Even though that steamroller keeps rolling on him, making him thinner and thinner. Not see him , exactly. Like the way you know where your elbow is, or your bedroom furniture when you get up in the night. He looked deader than hell. I should have paid more attention to reading Mary Shelley. I always loved Mary Shelley. I mean, she was super-brainy, but really romantic and hot.

She reached under her flimsy card-table desk. She heaved out the overstuffed, derelict-style backpack she used as her raw-panic bug-out-bag.

It held some choice packs of blueberry people-chow in there, a half-pint of ouzo, even a plush stuffed turtle. Finding a mass of crumpled tissue, she wiped the tears from her smooth, olive-skinned cheeks.

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We should do the decent thing by him. Go fetch a piece of Waverly from the garage.

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Or like subatomic degenerate-matter blue-Cerenkov-radiation glow-in-the-dark Los Alamos crumbly? Gordo looked glum. And the rays cooked my shoulder, too. So, okay, well, you can go in there again. Run to the garage pronto and fetch in a piece of the boss. You already touched him. Just hold your breath and flake off a small piece. Waverly translocated that steamroller here himself! Be a man and go into that garage, Gordo. Or at least call out to Dr.

Waverly from the garage door. I just made up my mind. Waverly is stone dead. I can outrun that steamroller. Becka rose to her sneakered feet and scampered hastily after him.

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Gordo looked Becka up and down, from her ironic Goob Dolls hairpins to her skatepunk Converse sneakers. What good did you get out of any of this research? Cut to the quick, Becka retorted. After a dreadful interval, Gordo realized he would have to be the one to speak up. Maybe we could work something out.

You and me. We could blow this bad scene and make a run for it. You go and do the kabuki for them. A live demo. Lay sample loco leeches on those awestruck investor geeks. Then I can close the venture deal. Gordo nodded quietly, grimly. I appreciate that, the way you just put me down. The networks will run it live. You know what we need? A drink. A drink, two trench coats and a handgun. I hate seeing dead people. Especially when I have to clean them up. Gordo reached absently into his shirt pocket. I copped it last week in that shell of a mall. Really pure. Just then they heard a clumsy scratching at the front door, followed by a series of light, precise knocks.