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En publica De memoria. Pantalones cortos. Amazon Book of the Year"Floodpath attempts to rescue the disaster from obscurity. The author captures many heartbreaking stories of survivors. The effect is powerful.

But the failure of the St. Francis Dam remains an urgent lesson about our human limits, all but forgotten today. Just before midnight on March 12, , the St. Francis Dam, a twenty-story-high concrete structure just fifty miles north of Los Angeles, suddenly collapsed, releasing a devastating flood that roared fifty-four miles to the Pacific Ocean, destroying everything in its path. It was a horrific catastrophe, yet one which today is virtually forgotten.

With research gathered over more than two decades, award-winning writer and filmmaker Jon Wilkman revisits the deluge that claimed nearly five hundred lives. A key figure is William Mulholland, the self-taught engineer who created an unprecedented water system, allowing Los Angeles to become America's second largest city, and who was also responsible for the design and construction of the St.

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Francis Dam. Driven by eyewitness accounts and combining urban history with a life-and-death drama and a technological detective story, Floodpath grippingly reanimates the reality behind L. In an era of climate change, increasing demand on water resources, and a neglected American infrastructure, the tragedy of the St.

Francis Dam has never been more relevant. Written by locals, Fodor's travel guides have been offering expert advice for all tastes and budgets for 80 years. Fodor's Southern California takes the guesswork out of choosing the perfect SoCal experiencefrom picking the finest Santa Barbara bistro to finding the best studio tour in Hollywood. Check out Fodor's travel guides to Los Angeles. An "instant city," created in , Los Alamos quickly grew to accommodate six thousand people--scientists and experts who came to work in the top-secret laboratories, others drawn by jobs in support industries, and the families.

How these people, as a community, faced both the fevered rush to create an atomic bomb and the intensity of the subsequent cold-war era is the focus of Jon Hunner's fascinating narrative history. Much has been written about scientific developments at Los Alamos, but until this book little has been said about the community that fostered them.

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Using government records and the personal accounts of early residents, Inventing Los Alamos, traces the evolution of the town during its first fifteen years as home to a national laboratory and documents the town's creation, the lives of the families who lived there, and the impact of this small community on the Atomic Age.

Es verdad todo lo que dicen de ellos? Spanish Edition Myriam Soto A. Ellos son hombres tan encantadores, poseen un magnetismo especial, embrujan con su romanticismo, y palabras lindas. Moscoso Puello, Tulio M. Organizamos los verbos en grupos para facilitar tu aprendizaje. Es un hecho que reir es muy saludable y definitivamente el mejor remedio para pasar los momentos dificiles que la vida nos trae sorpresivamente.

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O, en caso de divorcio,? Las traducciones de Juan B. Sus calles esconden secretos que han permanecido ocultos a las miradas de los curiosos. El tiempo se ha encargado de desvelar muchos de ellos. Es cierto que en la Plaza de la Paja se lidiaban toros?

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La impronta de esta Villa y Corte universal se refleja en sus muros, en sus calles y en su asfalto, siempre dispuesta a dejarse descubrir por los ojos curiosos del paseante ocasional que mira y admira cada uno de sus rincones. Porque si algo tiene esta ciudad es que ha sido testigo de pasiones, traiciones, misterios y secretos que han forjado su leyenda.

La novela transcurre en Francia, en ambientes rurales y capitalinos. Racial, ethnic, and religious melting pots presaged what the whole country would become by the end of the century. The newly rich built pleasure palaces in her hills and on her beaches, while recent immigrants and the descendants of the first humans who walked the land huddled together in filthy shantytowns.

These resembled the most squalid parts of the undeveloped world. Philanthropists endowed the city with impressive monuments and dreams of a utopian society, while greedy businessmen and industrialists crushed the labor movement and embroiled themselves in scandals that rocked the nation. Celebrated movie stars worked and played before the eyes of the world, while rumrunners and racketeers plied their trade behind the scenes in the land of noir, hand-in-hand with crooked cops and two-faced politicians.

Eastern sophisticates dismissed the city as an abode of the frivolous and the nouveau riche, yet underneath it all coursed an energy at once vibrant and unwholesome. Los Angeles was a place where anyone could reinvent himself, and multitudes did at a price.

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It was also a place where dark and blasphemous secrets infested every level of society, belying the carefree and enviable lifestyle broadcast to the world. For behind the glitz and glamour of Tinseltown, primordial, inhuman forces and their twisted minions worked to undermine the very foundations of sanity. Here are facts, legends, and rumors of the people, places, and events that made s Los Angeles the exciting place it was. Datanomics: Todos los datos personales que das sin darte cuenta y todo lo que las empresas hacen con ellos Spanish Edition Paloma Llaneza. Un poco raro,?

Concentran la riqueza nacional. Tienen todos los privilegios del Estado. Reciben incentivos, concesiones, exoneraciones y tienen un alto nivel de impunidad. Violan las leyes y no son apresados. Quiebran bancos y el Estado los protege. Las familias monopolizan de pastas de tomate.

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A shocking glimpse into the crazy lives of drug addicted prostitutes. You'll never look at heroin addicts the same way again. After writing a book about his bizarre adventures in America's underbelly, Oliver finally finds love among his readers on Goodreads. Bridges, Amazon Review. Follows the adventures of Max Axiom as he explains the science behind volcanoes. Written in graphic-novel format.

This lively well-illustrated collection of articles written by a group of particle physicists at Los Alamos National Laboratory presents to the expert and non-expert alike a comprehensive overview of the major theoretical and experimental advances of the past twenty years. It explains the emergence of a profoundly new understanding of the fundamental forces of Nature. With the unification of the weak and electromagnetic interaction, physicists now stand at the brink of a complete unification of all the forces, including gravity. This achievement brought with it a rich vocabulary of names and concepts: quarks, gluons and nonabelian gauge theories.

The exposition of these ideas, done on a variety of technical levels is designed to interest a broad audience ranging from the professional theorist and experimentalist to the inquisitive student. Anyone with an interest in particle physics can enjoy this book. Online maps with all spots and local tips. Guidora Travel Guides.

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