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She doesn't really care what others think about her, and she's not afraid to stand up for the truth. Mark is a popular, athletic, involved student that teachers and peers alike look up to Suddenly he's fallen out of favor, and popularity with his friends and everyone at school, and is being charged with a felony.

These two characters become unlikely friends as Ursula tries to stand up for Mark and what she heard, vs. Mark, on the other hand, has spiraled into a depression that he's not sure how, or if, he wants to get out of.

The story is told from alternating view points Ursula's in first person, Matt's in third person as teens deal honestly with tru-to-life scenarios. Joyce Carol Oates' books are almost always extremely well-written, with engaging characters and drama that feels very realistic. This is very easy to notice in her YA-books, when she has to constrain herself to pages and a moderately happy ending.

I think the YA-books help her to avoid some of the problems in her books for adults. Matt is abandoned by his friends after being suspended from school and Ursula doesn't get along with her mother. They become friends and help each other throughout the book. I love this book, and even though it's been a while since I read it. I would definitively recommend it to everyone.

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I found it admirable that Ursula stood up for the truth. Matt was smart, a joker - I'd have laughed if I was there. It was a believable story, although I have no idea whether real detectives would be so clumsy, abrasive and apparently thick, failing to investigate accuser as well as accused.

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I was disappointed and sad that the teachers didn't appear to support Matt. That his friends' parents told their kids to avoid him, even though they knew him to be innocent, really pisses me off at those parents. I think his friends should have ignored their parents in this case because he was their friend and needed them. Anyone who has felt like an outcast even once in his or her life can relate to Ugly Girl.

Big Mouth & Ugly Girl (Abridged)

Anyone who has been caught in the crossfire of a rumor gone bad can relate to Big Mouth. Put the two of them together and you have the quintessential high school experience that we have all had.


Matt opened his Big Mouth and said something terrible, so terrible he was accused of being a terrorist. Ursula walked around with a chip on her shoulder, scowling like an Ugly Girl but her insides were a different story. In her heart of hearts she knew Matt could never be the bomber everyone accused him of being so she had to say something Together they make an unlikely pair but as rumors escalate they find out exactly how much they need each other. A wonderful tale of two unlikely friends told in two voices: Big Mouth-- a fairly popular boy, good student, make-em laugh type boy who impulsively jokes about a bombing his high school and finds himself in serious trouble and Ugly Girl-- the sharp witted, plain faced, big boned and friendless loner who stands up for a boy she barely knows because it is the right thing to do.

Matt and Ursula become friends-not quickly or easily-- but when the entire town turns on Matt and his whole world collapses, Ursula, who is used to being ostracized and is very strong-- but not happy-- about it, becomes his only and his true friend. Two teens who struggle with friendships and family issues and social pressures and real danger.

Oates is a master storyteller and her characters are well thought out and nuanced. Here at Walmart.

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Helping my almost 19 year old daughter face the real world dominant ego 19 year old daughter in abusive relationship Why is my 3 year older fixated with the witch and the bad guys? Dogs Instead of Children? Our Affiliates. But the relationship between Ursula and Matt grows, credibly and compellingly, against a convincing high school backdrop.

Big Mouth & Ugly Girl: Review

Readers will relate to the pressures these two experience, both at school and from their parents, and be gratified by their ability to emerge the wiser. Ages up. View Full Version of PW. More By and About This Author. Buy this book. Zeebra Books.