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Eternal Reefs are permanent living legacies that memorialize the passing of a loved one by helping to preserve and protect the marine environment for the benefit of future generations.


Learn More. Over years of diving, they saw significant deterioration and degradation of the reefs they were visiting. Eternal Reefs is part of the Reef Ball family of companies.

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From Ashes to the Living Font: A Pilgrimage through Lent

Limited edition of copies. Tags art avant-garde improvised music jazz psychedelic Chicago.

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  • On Bandcamp Radio. Other options include scattering urns made from cardboard and simple containers found around the house. While these can work for some, there are some unique challenges with each.


    For example, most of the cardboard scattering urns are single use cannot lock a portion of the remains back in the urn to scatter at multiple locations or to take home. In addition, these can break down during weather events and typically require gluing which can be challenging for some. Most funeral homes will fill a scattering urn for you — all you need to do is ask. Alternatively, if you already have had your loved one cremated and the ashes are at home, you can easily fill it yourself.

    The Eco Water Urn and small Eco Scattering Urn come with a unique biodegradable funnel to help get the ashes into the urn. Simply remove the top of the urn, cut the bottom of the funnel to make a wide hole, place the funnel in the hole on top of the urn, and gently pour the ashes into the urn. The medium, large and extra-large Eco Scattering Urns do not come with a funnel, however, the hole on top is large enough where you can simply pour the ashes into the urn.

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    That way, in case some of the ashes do not make into the urn, you are able to easily recover them. Transporting ashes from a funeral home or to a location to scatter is easy, just be sure the container or urn the ashes are in is secure for example, the Eco Scattering Urn has the lid on in the locked position.

    Also, it is a good idea to either have the urn held by a passenger during the drive, or placed securely in a box or wedged next to something in the car so it will not move around or tip over. There are multiple ways to scatter ashes.

    Cantus Mundi: From Ashes to the Living Font

    If you are using a scattering urn or other container, be sure to select one that is long in shape with an opening on top. Before scattering, pay attention to the wind conditions and make sure the wind is blowing away from you and others present are not standing down-wind. Then, carefully open the top, hold the scattering urn with your arm out away from your body and gently move the urn in an up and down or side to side motion. The more you tip the top of the urn downwards, the faster the scattering. Many families are choosing to hold a ceremony before and during the scattering.

    This allows family and friends to be present, share stories and memories about the loved one who passed, enjoy each others company, and even participate in the scattering as some families choose to let people present scatter a portion of the ashes. Families also sometimes include live music, a minister or other religious person to be present, food and beverages, etc.

    More Than Ashes (Tim Reimherr/Merchant Band)

    Windy days can make scattering more challenging and other weather conditions can make it a challenge for the people who may be attending.